By Talia Bromstad

A Sticky Situation: Introducing Stickers!

I am thrilled to debut a playful extension to our line of risograph greeting cards and art prints: an adorable assortment of whimsical stickers featuring some of our favorite feline friends (and one awesome possum).

You can expect the same vibrant colors and charm as their riso counterparts, but now with dishwasher safe materials. 

These aren't just regular vinyl stickers either! Clear edges allow the little details like claws and whiskers to pop against the background they get stuck on, wether it's a water bottle, a notebook, or a laptop.

All the little protruding bits or white linework appear to float off the sticker edges. I particularly love these white cobwebs adorning the skeleton below.

And the glass bowl this orange boy is sitting comfy inside! We all know cats are liquid and this just proves it even more.

Plus, trippy holograph and sparkly glitter adds new dimension to some of these well-loved illustrations, like the Rarest Bloom cat and Everything is Possum.


Shop all the new stickers here.


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