Risograph Services

Looking for an alternative to four-color process printing? Or maybe you love the handcrafted aspect of letterpress but require volume that would put it out of reach.

Risography offers a tactile and affordable solution to discerning artists and brands who want their printed artwork and collateral to stand apart from the competition.

Art Prints & Posters

Frame it or staple it to a paint stir stick to carry at the protest, either way, a simple poster or art print can have a big impact. 

Zines & Booklets

Perfect for small editions of prose, poetry, comics, or illustrations.


Wire binding and half-moon punchs give your calendar a professional edge.

Cards & Programs

Holiday cards, concert programs, or menus — make a simple bifold piece into something special when you print it riso.

Why risography?

A risograph print has a feeling of authenticity, with its uncoated paper surface and saturated ink colors that sink into the page. Slight misregistration and uneven ink coverage — liabilities in other kinds of printing — here give the print a one-of-a-kind quality that can't be reproduced digitally.

Risography is a unique printing method that celebrates imperfection. Like a cross between screen printing and a photocopy, risography is an excellent choice for printing as few as 25 or many as 250 copies. 

With this method of printing, costs are mostly in the set-up, which means that it gets more economical the higher the quantity goes. Compared to photocopying, risography provides a more interesting image in saturated colors, and it can also be less expensive, depending on the complexity of the print.

Risographs are printed on a duplicator, a machine which was invented by RISO KAGAKU corporation in the 1980s and often employed in schools and churches for quick and affordable in-house printing. Today, many small printers and publishers around the world use this technology to make beautiful prints.

Imperfectly Perfect For:

  • Posters & flyers
  • Programs & menus
  • Newsletters & bulletins
  • Invitations
  • Stationery
  • Calendars
  • Merchandise tags
  • Wire-o wire binding
  • Saddle stitch zine & booklet binding
  • Half-moon calendar punching

Risograph machines are able to print in over 70 different spot ink colors, and custom colors can even be special ordered. But each ink color requires its own ink drum to go inside the machine, and as such, every print shop will have their own unique collection of colors available. Bromstad Printing Co. stocks six versatile and complimentary ink colors, and our RISO MZ 1090u can print up to two colors at a time on 11"x17" paper with a 3/8" margin.


Pantone Black U

Federal Blue

Pantone 288 U


Pantone 321 U


Pantone 235 U

Fluorescent Orange

Pantone 805 U

Sunflower Yellow

Pantone 116 U

Riso ink is either soy or rice bran based and mostly transparent, which allows for beautiful layering of inks. Layered colors will blend in different ways depending on the order in which they are printed.
  • Teal + Sunflower Yellow = Green
  • Federal Blue + Fluorescent Orange = Purple
  • Fluorescent Orange + Sunflower Yellow = Rich Orange