About Bromstad Printing Co.

Founded in the spring of 2020, Bromstad Printing Company is Atlanta's one-stop shop for all things risography and design. 

In addition to designing, printing, and peddling our own limited edition risograph calendars, art prints, and greeting cards, we produce custom zines, cards, and art prints wholesale to artists and publishers around the Southeast.

We work with photographers, printmakers, illustrators, brands/organizations, and whoever else wants to see what's up with risography. Customers love our personalized service and how risograph printing sets their paper goods apart from regular four-color process printing.

Owner/Operator Talia Bromstad (she/her) holds a BFA in printmaking and book arts (UGA '09) and serves as Associate Creative Director of Atlanta's Alliance Theatre in addition to running the risography biz. Her background in graphic design and fine arts informs her risograph printing process, which merges both hand-drawn illustration, bold typography, and digital manipulation, resulting in unique imagery in an unmistakably physical print. She believes in empowering the community and amplifying marginalized people's voices and doing it all in a beautiful and just way.

We print on a de-commissioned RISO MZ1090u. It is a two-drum duplicator capable of printing two ink colors at a time on 11"x17" paper. We welcome all who are interested in the fun and physical world of risograph printing, and support those interested in spreading progressive messages.

Get in touch at info@bromstadprinting.co or use our contact form here.

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