Bromstad Printing Company is a one-woman risograph design studio in Atlanta, Georgia. We use the royal we and create delightful paper goods to bring a smile to your face no matter the occasion.

Our goal is to brighten the day with our vibrantly colored cards, prints, and calendars while spreading the gospel of risograph. Everything is designed, printed, and assembled by hand in our Reynoldstown home studio under the supervision of the three BPC mewses, Stuart, Nadine, and Sylvia.

Bonus points if you dig cats, because we sure do. And honestly, there is a lot of overlap between cats and our risograph goods. Charming, playful, tons of personality, and a little absurd.

Risograph machines use rice paper stencils and soy-based inks, making them a more environmentally friendly alternative to other print mediums. We print on FSC-certified papers with recycled content, package our prints with recycled backer boards, and are always looking for ways to lessen our environmental impact.

Founded in 2020 as a little side project, Bromstad Printing Company is now a full-fledged small business.

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What is risograph printing?

Digital duplicators, also known as risographs (after the maker RISO-KAGAKU) were invented in the 80's as a cost-effective, high volume printing solution for schools and churches. A risograph machine looks like a photo-copier but does not use toner/heat like a photocopier does. Inside the machine are two ink drums.

When a design is sent to print, the machine burns thousands of tiny holes into a rice paper stencil which is then wrapped around each drum. Paper feeds into the machine from the left, passing under the rotating ink drums, and in this motion, ink presses through the stencils onto the paper, which is ejected on the opposite side of the machine.

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Talia Bromstad

Hi, it's me, I am the we (pictured here with Stuart).

Talia (she/her) holds a BFA in printmaking and book arts (UGA '09) and served for over a decade as Alliance Theatre's Associate Creative Director before pivoting to Bromstad Printing Company full-time in 2022.

Her background in graphic design, fine arts, and storytelling informs her risograph printing process, which merges hand-drawn illustration, bold typography, and digital manipulation, resulting in unique imagery made manifest in an unmistakably physical print.

Talia believes in amplifying the voices of marginalized people and empowering those struggling towards justice by lending her time and talent to the cause.