• Cowboy Cat - Risograph Print
  • Cowboy Cat - Risograph Print
  • Cowboy Cat - Risograph Print

Cowboy Cat - Risograph Print

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Yeehaw! Get your strut on with this charming cat wearing cowboy boots and a matching hat. Risograph printed in bright red and federal blue.

Risograph printed with eco-friendly, vegetable-based ink

100% recycled, FSC-certified paper

    • Printed on 100% Recycled Paper
    • Vegetable Inks
    • Assembled by Hand
    • Colors

      • Bright Red
      • Federal Blue
    • Shipping

      Art prints ship with chip board backers in cellophane sleeves.

    • Notes

      RISO machines use semi-permanent ink that never quite dries completely — even months after printing, it can rub off a little on fingertips like newsprint. This is normal! So is slight misregistration, where two colors may not quite line up. It's all part of the charm.

    Risograph printed and assembled by hand in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Risograph Vibes

    The charm of risograph printing is in its imperfections. There will always be some slight misregistration between colors and a degree of surface irregularities in a risograph print, but these qualities lend an authenticity to the medium that can't be found in traditional four-color process commercial printing.