By Talia Bromstad

2023 Risograph Calendar Pre-Order is Live!

Now in my third year of producing a wire-bound wall calendar, I have got the rhythm down pretty well. I had everything planned out months in advance. My cat illustrations were completed in June. I ordered the paper in July thinking I'd be way ahead of the game! I'd print and send it off for binding and more than meet my self-imposed November deadline for delivery.

Of course, this year, THE SUPPLY CHAIN has decided to play too. So the paper I ordered in July? Backordered until September 9. OK, I can deal with that!

September 9 rolls around and, no wait, just kidding that paper is backordered until November 17! But no one thought to tell me that until I wondered where my paper was on the 9th.

So that's not going to work.The ask is out to the paper company now about a replacement stock, which is not ideal but which will be OK.

Barring any further acts of god, the 2023 risograph cat calendar WILL be printed and bound and ready for November delivery.

2023 risograph calendarIn the meantime, PRE-ORDERS ARE LIVE! This year, in an effort to forecast demand, I've started pre-orders extra early and am offering free shipping and a little thank you gift as an incentive for early birds. 

The cover of the calendar has been revealed, but the inside months are still a mystery, so true-believers only please. All I will say is these cats are even zanier than last year, and clocking in at 10 colors as opposed to last year's 6, more vibrant as well.

I do anticipate this calendar to sell-out again by January 1 as it has in the past, so don't wait to order. It may feel a little early to be thinking about another calendar year, but time likes to fly in these fall and winter months, and you don't want to be disappointed do you?

Pre-Order Your Calendar Here


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