By Talia Bromstad

No Forced Birth T-shirt Fundraiser

Get this for the "supportive" man in your life! 🤠

This design came to me when the Roe v. Wade SCOTUS ruling leaked earlier this spring. I first made it into a risograph print with 50% of proceeds going to the abortion fund ARC-Southeast. That got some of the rage out, knowing I was able to facilitate contributions to that cause.

In light of the official overturning of Roe v. Wade, I wanted to make this into a t-shirt with proceeds again benefiting abortion funds. This time it's the National Network of Abortion Funds which divides the contributions across more than 80 different funds working all across America.

Those are the networks that are going to be working the hardest now, making sure people can still get the reproductive care they require no matter where they are, while the rest of us work on the root of the problem (which is burning down the system and starting over, or adjacent, but that's a digression).

"No Forced Birth" is a message I want to see more of out in the world, not just on a wall. I'm  Some folks need reminding that bodily autonomy and privacy are things worth preserving, and the specters of adoption. Fostering and adoption as "alternatives" to abortion are a farce/scam and miss the point of abortion rights completely...

Anyway, here's where you can order the t-shirt!

It's a Bonfire campaign so the funds go straight to the National Network of Abortion Funds, but the t-shirts don't get made and ship til the campaign ends on July 9. Get your order in before the deadline to claim your shirt! 

Only a half kidding about the "supportive" man in your life thing too.


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