By Talia Bromstad

Studio Changes

October has been wild! After I put in notice at my day job (yes, I'm going to be running Bromstad Printing Company full time!), my risograph machine broke. Whoops!

After a tech came out to assess (twice), I made the decision to take the plunge on a brand new duplicator. RIP MZ1090u, I knew you pretty well, but you weren't up to snuff.

Buying a new machine involved a big leap and a lot of $$$ I did not plan to spend as a newly minted full-time small biz owner. But having something reliable is important — I lost a number of jobs since my MZ went caput.

New risograph is delivered

Last week my new Riso MH9450 was delivered. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face! But I am still eagerly awaiting crucial supplies to get started printing the 2023 calendar, and as the days pass my November 1 calendar drop date looks more and more out of reach, which brings me much pain as I hate to not keep promises. 

So far life as a small business owner has been rocky. A lot of obstacles have been thrown my way, but I have not felt any regret over my decision to do this full time. Despite the challenges, I'm still smiling. 

Today I pulled out an old print from my flat file. It's one of the first things I printed with my old MZ1090, a two-color piece in fluorescent orange and burgundy by Melvin at Studio by the Tracks. I love this print, it's still one of my favorites.

Very much feeling the "Thy shall be tested" commandment these days. But powering through!


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