By Talia Bromstad

Late Winter in the Studio

I spent most of January developing new greeting card illustrations to round out my first official collection. Totaling more than 50 cards, a whole bunch of new designs will be joining the classics and available for sale for the first time. There will be plenty of cats of course, but look for even more flora and fauna to join the party.

It was a real R&D situation, trying different color ways, making test prints, tweaking things just so, making more test prints, and finally assigning SKUs to the whole lot.   

To cap it off and make it all very official, I hired a product photographer last week to help capture nice, clean, consistent images of all my new pieces. To say I am thrilled and rattling with anticipation as I await final images is an understatement! 

Holding a risograph print in your hands lets you truly admire the quirks of the medium: little imperfections, grainy texture, and slight misregistration all coalesce into an inimitable package. Other designers try to mimic the quality of a risograph, but only a real print reveals its full wonder.

These new photos will go a long way in showcasing how special these cards are. 



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