By Talia Bromstad

Build Your Own Card Pack

With the launch of our full 2023 line of greeting cards, I thought it would be the perfect time to debut our new Build-Your-Own-Card-Pack discount.

It's a buy six, get two free deal, so the way it works is you can pick out any eight greeting cards, and two of them will be free! This is a discount of 25% off the original price of the eight greeting cards, and it gets applied automatically in the cart when you've added eight cards.

I landed on this idea as a way to offer some savings to customers and encourage you to think about making writing cards to people an intentional part of your routine rather than just an occasional occurrence.

We've all felt the panic as you dash into the store to grab a birthday card on the way to the party... But what if you had a good little stash of birthday cards at home so you'd always have one on hand? Perhaps a little menagerie including Snappy Birthday and Happy Purrrthday?

Or what if you decided that every Sunday morning you would sit down and write a little note to a friend, just because you are thinking of them. Might I suggest Thinking of You or Rarest Bloom?

Your could pick eight of the same Abstract Floral, or you could mix it up with Bouquet and Daisies. And it's always smart to keep a bunch of Thank You cards handy.

The best part of this Buy 6 Get 2 deal is that no matter which eight cards you choose for your pack, our curated palette of 10 inks means everything works together.

Part of what makes risograph printing special is the unlikliness of any two given risograph studios to keep the same ink palette. Our palette was painstakingly planned to offer a broad spectrum of colors that play nicely together no matter the combo, whether it's a sedate seafoam and teal or a vibrant teal and fluorescent orange.

You can't go wrong. I can't wait to see what you choose!

Check out all the greeting cards here.


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